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There are so many ground handling organisations running their operations efficiently and cost effectively with pre-owned GSE – why don’t you copy this model? Growing competition at airports allows for direct comparison proving that ground handling organisations using lower-priced GSE deliver the same performance like those who predominately or exclusively have brand name GSE in operation. One of the main reasons for the adherence to well-known brands is misperception of poorer quality of lower-priced GSE.

ecoGSE focusses on new and pre-owned GSE with a good cost-performance ratio. The entire product range focuses on equipments with proven functionality, high reliability and guaranteed availability of spare parts for years to come.

We are offering the following services: 

  • Marketing of technically-inspected pre-owned GSE

Why always buy new equipment if there are plenty of used GSE in the market looking for a new owner? We ensure that every single pre-owned GSE is fully functional only requiring the usual ongoing regular maintenance - just like any new unit does. If requested we also commission the equipment and provide training to the operators. And in case you really need support by specialists - our service technicians are only a phone call away.
Any worries left? Think about it and be smart!

Or do you have any surplus GSE? Just get in touch with us, we will take this burden off your shoulders.

  • Marketing of Polartherm Oy cabin heaters

ecoGSE markets the Finnish Polartherm Oy cabin heaters in the German-speaking countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Polartherm Oy is the leading manufacturer of air heating equipment in Northern Europe. The heaters are produced in Finland and apart from the aviation industry Polartherm delivers to the defence and construction verticals and the agricultural sector. Polartherm has produced airplane ground support heaters for some 25 years. Their product range covers heaters for airplanes from commuter to wide-body aircraft. The customers of Polartherm Oy, amongst them the US Air Force, appreciate the robustness of the equipment that resists even the lowest temperatures, as those that can be found in Finland and Russia.

  • Marketing of new GSE at good cost/performance ratio

We also offer new GSE with a good cost/performance ratio and quality. We have strategic alliances with world-class manufacturers offering almost any kind of GSE made with excellent craftsmanship and solid, durable designs. Needless to say that adjustments to local requirements such as CE certification or specific labour safety requests will be implemented whenever and wherever necessary.

  • Consulting services for fleet optimisation and equipment expertise

Benefit from our knowledge and experience in ground handling! Our Managing Director Juergen Brueske has more than three decades of experience in the ground handling industry and over the years accomplished many consulting mandates; some of which include e.g. GlobeGround PAGS in Manila, Lufthansa in Bangkok and Rio de Janeiro as well as Air Madagascar. Juergen is always keen on sharing his experience for your optimum benefit.

  • Maintenance and support services

Usually the equipment manufacturers take care of their products, and in fact, most of them do so with good after sales service.  Naturally they only focus on their own products but offer high end quality maintenance and support services.

Needless to say that there are service providers in the market that deal with all kinds of equipment, but this flexibility has its price. At ecoGSE we also take care of every type and make of equipment, but pride ourselves at offering our services at most competitive and affordable prices. Just give it a try!

  • Complete GSE overhauls

Ground handling companies often have to decide whether to replace an equipment or have it overhauled instead. Based on cost estimates locally made or given by international overhaul companies the choice is often in favour of the new equipment; most of the time an overhaul appears too expensive in comparison.

ecoGSE cooperates with approved overhaul service providers worldwide offering you most competitive prices which makes the overhaul commercially more viable rather than buying new equipment. Focussing on really necessary work rather than wasting time and material on ‘nice-to-have items’ provides an enormous cost saving potential.

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